We are looking for a new Trustee to join the management committee of BWAS to take on the role of Honorary Treasurer for the Society.  We are hoping to attract someone keen on helping us modernise our processes.

We need someone with a background in accountancy or bookkeeping or someone with recent experience of acting as treasurer for a small charity. We also need someone who can advise us on the latest charities SORP and on any impending changes.

We would love to have someone on board who has experience in day to day accounts management, and who has an interest in the local heritage and archaeology of Birmingham and Warwickshire and archaeology and the historic environment in general.

The Honorary Treasurer will:

  • Manage our day-to-day finances (invoices, expenses payments etc).
  • Produce quarterly reports to present to meetings of the trustees.
  • Advise trustees on the requirements to comply with the guidance of the Charity Commission and any changes to statutory and regulatory guidance.
  • Produce annual accounts and manage the auditing / independent examination process.
  • Report to members at the AGM.
  • Contribute to the development of our longer term financial strategy.
  • Help us modernise our processes.

Your commitment

As a small charity, very little time is needed for the day to day operation of the accounts; perhaps 2 hours to half a day each month depending on the time of year.

We have about 4 committee meetings per year which are normally held in the evenings at a venue in the centre of Birmingham. The AGM is held in early December in Birmingham.

The Society currently holds 5 evening lectures and one lunchtime lecture in Birmingham City Centre and one evening lecture in Warwick per year. We also organise excursions and visits over the summer. Attendance is optional but it does give an informal opportunity to meet up with other committee members.

Further information

The archaeology of the region has suffered over the last decade as a result of the economic downturn, and this has added to the Society seeing reduced membership numbers over the last few years. We need to revitalise the Society and bring in new voices in order to increase our impact, and the continuation of this (nearly) 150 year old organisation.  The role of Treasurer is key in this development, and will have a lasting impact of the society.

This is a chance for you to help our longstanding society get back to a stable position. The Treasurer role is not overly challenging or time consuming, but you will get the chance to work with a small and friendly team and help ensure that the Society continues into the future.


Please contact us and someone will get back to you for a chat as soon as possible.

Honorary Treasurer Required