Welcome to BWAS-online, website for the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society.

The Society was founded in 1870 and our first inaugural lecture was held on November 10th of that year. Since the outset, the Society has been affiliated to the Birmingham and Midland Institute. It later became the Birmingham Archaeological Society but with the publication of its centenary volume No. 84 (1967-70) it became known as the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society (BWAS).

The Society aims to support and raise the profile of the region’s archaeological heritage, providing a monthly lecture series, annual transactions and many other benefits to members. Membership is only £20 per year for individuals, and each subscription contributes to supporting the archaeology of Birmingham and Warwickshire.
If you are not already a member, follow this link to find out how to join.

Having reached its 150th anniversary, BWAS would like to take this opportunity to explore its future.

  • carrying out a strategic review helping to create a new vision for the Society
  • developing a future way forwards focused on delivering a diverse range of activities, events, and community engagement opportunities that not only recruits members but also engages new, more diverse audiences
  • creating a plan for the future that provides a springboard for new partnerships and projects.


It is hoped that this will ultimately help find ways of breathing life into the organisation, enabling it to survive for another century and use its 150th anniversary as a platform to bring BWAS to wider public view.


To help carry out this project, BWAS are seeking to appoint four consultants:


  • Business Planning Consultant
  • Audience Development Consultant
  • Governance Review Consultant
  • Fundraising Consultant


These consultants will work to create a number of strategies that will help inform the future of BWAS. Critical to this will be securing input, ideas and recommendations from the Board of Trustees, members and other stakeholders.


Full details are available here.


Closing date for all submissions – Friday 17 April


Please send completed proposals or to seek further information:


Email: carolinebrumbones@gmail.com

Mobile: 07903 339341

Tel: 01789 731610