BWAS transactions are published each year and include reports from archaeological projects undertaken across the region. They provide a much-needed route of publication for those working on archaeological sites across Birmingham and Warwickshire, ensuring access to results of fieldwork for the public, academic and professional communities.

Currently (April 2017) we do not have a Publications Officer but past copies of the Transactions can be purchased. (recent volumes cost £15 + p&p; earlier volumes may be available at reduced cost; a run of three or more volumes will be discounted). 

We are in the process of posting lists of contents of the previous volumes here.

Volumes 1 to 9
Volumes 10 to 15
Volumes 16 to 25
Volumes 26 to 35
Volumes 36 to 45
Volumes 46 to 54
Volumes 55 to 63

We are also working on making the past issues of Transactions available online. Progress reports will be posted here.

If you are interested in contributing to the transactions, you can find our notes for authors via the link below.

Transactions: instructions for authors