We publish our Transactions annually, maintaining an unbroken record of publication since our foundation in 1870. In accordance with our charitable aims, we publish articles, reports and reviews covering all aspects of the archaeology, history, antiquities and historic buildings of Birmingham and Warwickshire.

Past copies of the Transactions can be purchased for £15 + postage & packaging costs to your address. Electronic copies are not currently available.

Please note that copies of some volumes may not be available – to guarantee a copy of the next volume of the Transactions, you can become a member of the Society.

Please use the below form to request past copies:

We are in the process of posting lists of contents of the previous volumes here.

Volumes 1 to 9
Volumes 10 to 15
Volumes 16 to 25
Volumes 26 to 35
Volumes 36 to 45
Volumes 46 to 54
Volumes 55 to 63

If you are interested in contributing to the transactions, you can find our notes for authors via the link below.

Transactions: instructions for authors[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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