Volume 117, 2014 (for 2013)

A Romano-British pottery kiln at Sherifoot Lane, Sutton Coldfield, C J Evans, Paul Booth and Mike Hodder
Archaeological Investigations at land off Sir Herbert Austin Way, Northfield, Robin Taylor-Wilson and Jennifer Proctor
The distribution of symbols of status in medieval Warwickshire (1000-1500), Della Hooke
Archaeological excavation at Aston Tavern, Aston Hall Road, Birmingham, Tom Roger, Tim Cornah, Laura Griffin and Derek Hurst


Volume 116, 2012 (for 2012)

Iron Age, Romano-British and medieval settlements excavated on the Transco Newbold Pacey to Honeybourne gas pipeline in 2000, Peter Thompson and Stuart C Palmer


Volume 115, 2012 (for 2011)

A Neolithic pit, Iron Age pit and prehistoric to early medieval palaeochannel at Bournville, Birmingham, Caroline Rann
The contribution of commercial archaeology to the study of Roman Warwickshire, 1990-2004, Further evidence for medieval Northfield, Nick Hodgson
The medieval floor tiles of Merevale Abbey, Warwickshire, Ian M Betts (Museum of London Archaeology)
Archaeological excavation at 25-31 Carrs Lane, Birmingham, Jonathan Webster
Archaeological excavation of the Dirty Brook, Upper Dean Street, Birmingham, Roger Kipling and Vicki Score
Excavations at Belmont Row, Birmingham, Nigel Cavanagh for NPA Ltd
A 19th-century Scotch kiln at Couchman Road, Saltley, Bimingham, Mary Duncan and Ric Tyler


Volume 114, 2011 (for 2010)
Early prehistoric clearance in Birmingham? Excavations at Banbury Street, Vicki Score and Tim Higgins.
Burnt mounds in south Birmingham: excavations at Cob Lane in 1980 and 1981, and other investigations, L H Barfield and M A Hodder
A mid-late Iron Age enclosure complex at the site of the former Peugeot works, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, 2008, Paul Mason.
Ryknield Street and later field systems in Perry Barr: excavations at Wellhead Lane, Bob Burrows.
Archaeological excavation at the Old Bowling Green, Parson’s Hill, King’s Norton, Birmingham, Anne Foard-Colby
The medieval manor of Chilverscotan: excavations at Bermuda Park, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, 1970-2004, Daniel Eddisford, Melissa Melikian and Martin D Wilson
Archaeological investigations at Digbeth Coach Station, Birmingham, Matt Levers
Archaeological excavations at Ashted Pumping Station, Belmont and Belmont Row Glassworks, at the proposed Technology Park, Eastside, Birmingham, Mark Peachey


Volume 113, 2010 (for 2009)
Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron age, Romano-British and Anglo-Saxon sites excavated on the Transco Churchover to Newbold Pacey gas pipeline in 1999, Stuart C Palmer


Volume 112, 2008 (for 2008)
Palaeoenvironmental evidence for Holocene landscape change and human activity at Tameside, Aldridge Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, Emma Tetlow, Ben Gearey, John Halsted and Andy J Howard
Barston: an archaeological survey of an Arden parish, Wendy Burnett
Excavations at Witherley Lodge, Witherley, 1993-1994, N D Melton
Longbridge before Austin. Archaeological investigations at Longbridge, King’s Norton, Birmingham, Hal Dalwood, Simon Griffin, Katie Head, Derek Hurst, Andy Mann and Simon Woodiwiss
The archaeology of the Severn Trent Southam Area Rationalisation Scheme, Warwickshire, Steve Litherland, Eleanor Ramsay and Peter Ellis
Marlpit Hall and Farm, Marlpit Lane, Sutton Coldfield: excavations in 2003, Peter Davenport


Volume 111, 2007 (for 2007)
Prehistoric and early Roman settlement at Lodge Farm, Long Lawford, Rugby, Warwickshire, Tim Havard, Mary Alexander and Annette Hancocks
Further evidence for medieval Northfield, David Symons
The Noble Mansion’ Old Knowle Hall: a lost north Warwickshire house, Lance Smith, for Solihull Archaeological Group
Excavation of Edgbaston corn mill, Edgbaston, W L Mitchell
Chapel adaptation of an agricultural building: Barn Farm, a 19th-century case study from Birmingham, Jon Lowe and Chris Adams, CgMs Limited
Excavations at Station Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire, 2005-06, David Gilbert


Volume 110, 2005 (for 2006)
A Romano-Celtic temple and settlement at Grimstock Hill, Coleshill, Warwickshire, John Magilton


Volume 109, 2005 (for 2005)
Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement at Meriden Quarry, Solihull, Charlotte Stevens
Excavations of a Roman settlement at 121 Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Edward Biddulph
A 13th-century moated site at Knowle Hall, Warwickshire, Lance Smith, for Solihull Archaeological Group
Medieval and post-medieval structures at Coleshill Street, Sutton Coldfield, Caroline Malim
The Dirty Brook: excavations at Dean House, Upper Dean Street, Birmingham, Helen Martin & Stephanie Rátkai
A late 18th-century clearance assemblage from Church End, Ansley, Warwickshire, N D Melton
The excavation of a battery of lime kilns in Selly Oak, Birmingham, James Goad


Volume 108, 2005 (for 2004)
Roman Birmingham 2
Metchley Roman Forts excavations 1998–2000 and 2002. The Eastern and Southern Annexes and other Investigations, Alex Jones


Volume 107, 2003 (for 2003)
The Neolithic complex at Charlecote, Warwickshire, W J Ford.
King’s Newnham, Warwickshire: Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age excavations along a gas pipeline in 1990, Stuart C Palmer.
Excavations at Coughton Court, Warwickshire, 1991, Jeremy Evans
The lost Lint Brook. A solution to the Hellerelege Anglo-Saxon charter and other explorations of Kings Norton history, George Demidowicz
A Study of north-eastern Kings Norton: ancient settlement in a woodland manor, Anne Baker
What is a Hersumditch? Note upon The Hersum Ditch, Birmingham and Coventry, Margaret Gelling


Volume 106, 2003 (for 2002)
The Romano-British and Anglo-Saxon settlement and cemeteries at Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwickshire, W J Ford
Foundation of an alien priory at Wootton Wawen in the 12th century, Donald Graham
The Hersum Ditch, Birmingham and Coventry: a local topographical term? George Demidowicz


Volume 105  (for 2001)
Roman Birmingham I: Metchley Roman forts, excavations 1963-4, 1967-9 and 1997. Alex Jones


Volume 104,  (for 2000)
Site of former Hockley Chemical Works, Stratford Road, Alcester: Excavations 1994. A Mudd and P. Booth

The excavation of medieval buildings at the Abbey of St. Mary, Kenilworth in 1989. S. C. Palmer

Ralph VIII, Lord Bassett of Drayton and Coventry Whitefriars. J. Hunt

Excavations at No.15, The Green, Kings Norton, 1992. L. Jones, S. Ratkai & P. Ellis


Volume 103 (for 1999)
Archaeological Excavations in the Arrow Valley, Warwickshire. S. C. Palmer


Volume 102 (for 1998)
Mancetter Village. a 1st-century fortress continued.  K. Scott

 A section through the Fosse Way and the excavation of Romano-British features at Princethorpe, Warwickshire, 1994. R. Cuttler & J. Evans

A watching brief on service trenches at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire.  C. K. Currie


Volume 101 (for 1997)
The Excavations in the outer enclosure of Boteler’s Castle, Oversley, Alcester 1992-93. C. Jones, G. Eyre-Morgan, S. Palmer & N. Palmer


Volume 100, 1996 (for 1996)
Prehistoric Warwickshire: A review of the evidence. R. Hingley

Warwickshire in the Roman period: A review of recent work. P. Booth 

 Anglo-Saxon cemeteries along the Avon Valley. W. J. Ford

Reconstructing Anglo-Saxon landscapes in Warwickshire. D Hooke 

Rural settlements in medieval Warwickshire. C. Dyer

Innovation and conservatism: the development of Warwickshire houses in the late 17th and 18th centuries:  N. W.  Alcock    






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