Birmingham’s Hidden History: Talk and Walk with Mike Hodder and Stephanie Rátkai

Tuesday 15 September 2015, 1pm

John Lee Theatre, Birmingham and Midland Institute Lunchtime talk and guided walk (starting at 2:30) pointing out archaeological sites in the historic centre of Birmingham.

The first in the BWAS lecture series for 2015 takes us into the heart of Birmingham’s medieval core, exploring the City’s past through archaeological evidence. Over 20 years of archaeological excavations in the historic core of Birmingham have overturned the popular perception that Birmingham didn’t get off the ground until the 18th century. This illustrated talk by some of the archaeologists involved in these excavations will explore the wealth of archaeological information about ancient, prehistoric landscapes, medieval life and industry, and clearly perceptible and increasing industrial development in the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as archaeological evidence for the City of a Thousand Trades, including sites which have not yet been published. The talk will be followed by a guided walk pointing out sites in the historic centre of Birmingham.

Dr Mike Hodder was for many years Birmingham City Archaeologist and Stephanie Rátkai is a Birmingham-based archaeologist and pottery specialist. Both are lead experts in the archaeology, history and development of Birmingham.

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Birmingham Town ditch and boundary (c) Mike Hodder
Birmingham Town ditch and boundary (c) Mike Hodder
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